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Aviation Specialties UnlimitedAviation Specialties Unlimited logo

4632 West Aeronica Street
Boise, Idaho 83705
Tel: 208-426-8117

Web Site:

Products: For more than 25 years, Aviation Specialties Unlimited Inc. (ASU) in Boise, Idaho, has proudly served those who protect and defend worldwide with the most advanced night vision systems. Their experienced team supports safe and sustainable aviation night vision programs with military-grade NVGs, specialized tool and test equipment, custom aircraft lighting, and a full array of training and integration services.

Key Officers:
Mike Atwood
Tel: 208-426-8117

Chris Atwood
Tel: 208-426-8117

Dr. Joseph Estrera
Tel: 208-426-8117

Member Category: Associate

BAE Systems logo

BAE Systems

BAE systems delivers a full range of products and services for air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, intelligence, security, and IT solutions and support services.

BAE Systems Lexington Business Center 2 Forbes Road
Lexington, Massachuesettes 02421
Tel: 781-863-3687
Fax: 781-863-3334

Web Site:

Products: The Lexington Business Center is a leader in uncooled microbolometer technology. We develop and produce focal plane arrays and camera cores for defense and commercial markets.

Key Officers:
Robyn Decker
Director, Lexington Business Center

Kevin Grealish
Technical Director, Lexington Business Center

BAE Systems Sensor Solutions
1841 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: (408) 433-2500
Fax: (408) 433-2604


Products: Sensor Solutions develops high-performance CMOS imaging sensors to support a variety of applications in the military, pro-video and photo, civil security, scientific and industrial markets.

Key Officers:
Robyn Decker
General Manager, Sensor Solutions

Alexander Lu
Technical Director, Sensor Solutions

Member Category: General

Clear Align LLCClear Align LLC

Clear Align Pennsylvania (Headquarters) 2550 Boulevard of the Generals, Suite 280
Eagleville, PA 19403
Phone 1 484 956 0510
Fax 1 484 956 0511

Clear Align New Hampshire
24 Simon Street
Nashua, NH 03060
Phone 1 603 889 2116
Fax 1 603 889 2393

Web Site:

Products: Clear Align designs, develops and manufactures Electro-optic and infrared systems in support of national security, medical safety and commercial applications. Our technology and products enable our border agents, military forces, coalition partners and first responders to provide security for our nation across the spectrum of operations. Our commercial and medical customers rely on us for precision assembly and production of key systems and new technology that keeps our communities safe and enables improved quality of life.

Key Officers:
Gregg Bell, COO

Andrew Partynski, CTO

Member Category: Associate

Elbit Systems of America—Night Vision

7635 Plantation Road
Roanoke, Virginia 24019
Tel: 540-563-0371
Fax: 540-366-9015

Web Site:

Products: Elbit America is a world leader in night vision technology and electro-optics. To date, the company has produced more than 2 million Generation 3 image intensifier tubes, spent more than 15 years producing Enhanced Night Vision Goggle programs of record for the United States Army, and has secured 90+ night vision-related patents. Our electro-optics expertise have supported the U.S. military with lightweight, advanced electro-optic solutions such as laser range-finding, thermal imagers, surveillance systems and advanced airborne solutions.


On the battlefield and under fire, Elbit Systems of America night vision tactical ground systems maximize user performance in light-polluted to low- or no-light environments. They deliver high-quality image intensification without sacrificing field of view. Warfighters have unique capabilities to record and share battlespace video, data and graphics, keeping the Common Operational Picture updated in real-time, and allowing forces to be faster, safer and more lethal.


  • F6025 Enhanced Night Vision Goggle
  • AN/PVS-31D Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggle
  • F5032 Lightweight Night Vision Binocular
  • AN/PVS-23 Night Vision Binocular
  • F7030 Clip-on Weapon Sight

Elbit Systems of America night vision technologies are the first choice for aviators around the world. In extremely low-light conditions, our Gen 3 image intensifier tubes deliver crisp, defined imaging. In bright-light scenarios, they retain high-resolution and visual clarity, improving safety and Situational Awareness.


  • Gen-3 Helmet/Night Vision Camera for the F-35
  • Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems (JHMCS II)
  • Night Vision Cueing Display (NVCD) system
  • AN/AVS-9
  • AN/AVS-6

Generation 3 systems deliver significant advantages for warfighters rapidly moving through different mission scenarios. The technology in our image intensifier tubes is far superior to Gen 2, allowing warfighters to see more detail, at a greater distance in low-and varied-light conditions. They can recognize and identify threats faster, increasing mission performance while significantly lowering risks. Our Gen 3 image intensifier tubes are more reliable and have a longer life, reducing replacements, down time and related costs.


Darrell Hackler
Sr. Director Global Sales & Marketing

Martin Cielinski
Director, Night Vision Programs

Alternate: Darius Coakley
Director, Business Development

Member Category: General

Envision Technology LLC

7 Perimeter Road
Manchester, NH 03103

Web Site:

Products: Envision Technology is an innovative company focused on developing and producing electro-optical systems which help the Warfighter detect, see and locate their targets. Envision believes that our customers deserve rapid solutions to their evolving needs, and takes a decisive, low-bureaucracy approach to system development in order to get product into the user's hands faster.

Key Officers:

Mark Belanger


Doug Harwood

Member Category: Associate

FLIR Systems, Inc.

1201 S. Joyce Street
Suite C006
Arlington, VA 22202
Tel: +1 (703).682.3400

Web Site:

Products: FLIR is a global leader in high definition EO/IR sensor options for airborne and maritime operations, mobile and fixed surveillance on land, and thermal and image-intensified weapon sights alongside multi-sensor thermal binoculars. Our field-proven solutions arm your personnel with the force-multiplier they need to quickly detect, identify, or eliminate threats.

FLIR empowers militaries, law enforcement and SAR teams with intelligent sensing and threat detection technology that expedites critical decisions and successful outcomes. Our systems are relied upon globally for essential military and law enforcement CONOPS, and we provide total mission solutions in any environment or weather, day or night. Performance, pedigree, and proven toughness – they only come from FLIR.

Key Contact:

Scott Crizer
Vice President, Business Development
(703) 682-3334

Gene Ager
Director of Navy Programs
(703) 416-1042

Jon Berry
Director of Air Force / Space Force Aviation
(928) 499-8025

Brian Bruggeman
Director of Marine Corps Programs
(571) 344-0910

Dan Morgan
Director of Army Programs and Modernization
(737) 235-5664

Mitch Pribble
Director of DHS, Federal & ALE Law Enforcement
(520) 820-6272

Member Category: General

Hoffman Engineering LLC

8 Riverbend Drive
PO Box 4430
Stamford, CT 06907
Tel: 203-425-8900
Fax: 203-425-8910

Web Site:

Products: Hoffman Engineering has been providing testing to the lighting industry for more than 60 years and specifically the night vision industry for over 40 of those years. Supported by its state-of-the-art in-house lighting test laboratory, Hoffman introduced the first totally integrated image intensifier test set and carries on this proud tradition today with its latest offerings in Night Vision Device test equipment. Hoffman’s test sets are being utilized by the US Armed forces, civil aviation and in over 25 countries.

Key Officers:

Ron Haywood
President North America

James DeLancey
Senior Vice President, Night Vision Test Equipment

James Coffman
Military Liaison / Business Development Manager, Night Vision Test Equipment

Member Category: Associate

Incom, Inc.

294 Southbridge Road
Charlton, Massachusetts 01507
Tel: 508-909-2200
Fax: 508-909-2323

Web Site:

Products: Incom is a manufacturer of glass and polymer fused fiber optic face plates and tapers, as well as polymer and glass micro structures. Our products have made critical contributions to drug research, medical applications, and military and homeland security. We have participated in the design and development of large format tapers for X-ray crystallography, microwell arrays for genome sequencing, 17"x17" face plates for medical X-ray, and microcapillary arrays for TOF and neutron detection.

Key Officers:
Michael A. Detarando
President and CEO

Jeffrey Solari
Director of Business Development

Member Category: Associate

Intevac Photonics, Inc.

Intevac Photonics, Inc.

3560 Basset Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tel: 408-986-9888
Fax: 408-654-9869

Web Site:

Products: Intevac Photonics' E-O sensors and cameras permit highly sensitive detection of photons in the visible and near IR portion of the spectrum, enabling imaging in extreme low light using Intevac's patented core digital sensor technology, the Electron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (EBAPS®). Imaging products include LIVAR® long range target ID cameras, NightVista® extreme low light level cameras and the Night Port extreme low light level monocular capable of 'record and playback' of real time video with symbology overlay specifically designed for integration into head/helmet-mounted displays, rifle sights and other small electro-optical/infrared surveillance gimbals.

Key Officers:
Tim Justyn
Executive VP & General Manager

Verle Aebi
Chief Technology Officer

Rudy Benz
Managing Director Business Development

Member Category: General


9 Akira Way
Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053
Tel: 603-626-4800
Fax: 603-647-7234

Web Site:

Products: L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris has approximately $18 billion in annual revenue, 48,000 employees and customers in 100 countries. L3Harris is accelerating innovation and providing affordable solutions to fast forward to tomorrow. Learn more at

Contact Info:
General Inquiries:

Night Vision Information:

Member Category: General

Leonardo DRS logo

Leonardo DRS

13532 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75243

100 N. Babcock St
Melbourne, FL 32935
Tel: 214-996-2830

Web Site:

Products: Develops, manufactures and supports electro-optical technologies, including advanced cooled and uncooled thermal imaging solutions for man portable, ground vehicle, airborne, and maritime as well as for industrial, security, public safety and firefighting applications.

Key officers:
Dean Putnam
Director, Business Development

Doug Ransom
Vice President, Business Development

Member Category: General

Licentia Arms Co. logo

Licentia Arms Co.

Frankfort, KY
Tel: 502.219.6235

Web Site:

Products: Licentia Arms Co. is a high-end night vision manufacture that specializes in helmet mounted and clip-on night vision devices. LAC manufactures, sells, and services a wide range of night vision and thermal products.

Licentia Arms Co. takes a very customized and application driven approach. LAC manufactures finished goods that are tailored to individual clients needs for the Government, LE, and commercial markets.

Key officers:
Tyler Roberts

Robert Vick

Tel: 502.219.6235

Member Category: Associate

ISP Optics logo LightPath Technologies logo

LightPath Technologies

ISP Optics
2603 Challenger Tech Court
Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32826

Web Site: or

Products: Infrared lenses designed for thermal imaging cameras operating in the mid-wave and long-wave infrared (MWIR, LWIR) bands, for applications such as thermography, diagnostics, security and surveillance.

About Us: LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTH) is a global manufacturer of optical materials, components and infrared solutions for the defense, automotive, industrial test and measurement, medical diagnostics, public safety, telecommunications, and VR/AR industries. LightPath’s expertise includes chalcogenide glass, diamond turning, fused fiber collimators, infrared crystals, CNC polishing, precision molded glass aspheres, infrared lenses and thermal imaging assemblies. LightPath also offers full engineering design support for both optics and mechanics.

Devin Standard
Business Development/IR Technology Specialist
Mobile: +1 407 868-7920

Member Category: Associate


1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Tel: 970-372-3189

Web Site:

Products: Microsoft is a leading global vendor of computer software; hardware for computer, mobile and gaming systems; and cloud services. Microsoft's corporate headquarters is located in Redmond, Wash., and it has offices in more than 60 countries..

Key Contacts:
David Dorn

Kevin Matherson

Member Category: General

N2 Imaging Systems logo

N2 Imaging Systems

14440 Myford Road
Irvine, CA 92606
Tel: 714-573-8800

Web Site:

Products: Uncooled IR imaging modules, Uncooled IR imagers integrated with other sensors for military systems use.

Key Officers:
Tony Bacarella
President and CEO--N2 Imaging Systems
Tel: 714-942-3527

Tim Boyle
CFO--N2 Imaging Systems
Tel: 714-942-3563

Member Category: Associate

Nightline, Inc.

300 Industrial Drive
Mountain City, Tennessee 37683
Tel: 423-727-5900
Fax: 423-727-6948

Web Site:

Products: Full range of night vision products, thermal, lasers, and tactical equipment. Equipment offered is suitable for military/defense application, law enforcement, industrial security and personal safety.

Key Officers:
Lee Collette

Sharon Genaille
Senior VP of Operations and Accounting

Brent Langsdorf
Technical Director

Member Category: Associate

Night Vision Devices, Inc.

P.O. Box 3415
Allentown, OA 18106
Tel: 610-395-9743
Fax: 610-395-9743

Web Site:

Products: Night vision binoculars, monoculars, weapons sights, accessories, parts and service.

Key Officers:
William H. Grube III
President & CEO

John Lesniak
Sr. Director of Business Development, Government Sales

Mike Graham
Director of Operations

Member Category: General

Norotos Inc.

201 E. Alton Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92703

Tel: 714 662-3113
Fax: 714 662-7932

Web Site:


Norotos, Inc. is a small business specializing in the design and manufacture of precision machined night vision products including helmet mounts for commercial and military requirements. In our state-of-the-art facilities, we design and manufacture precision machined components specializing in night vision goggle helmet mounts for commercial and military requirements.

Having extensive experience with a wide variety of materials (metals, plastics and composites), Norotos has the technical expertise to accomplish the most challenging design and manufacturing requirements as evidenced by Norotos™ status as a leading provider of the most advanced night vision goggle mounting systems in the world.

Continuous improvement is the key to the success of Norotos' helmet mounts. Accordingly, we continue to envision, design and manufacture products with the newest technology resulting in innovative designs that meet our criteria for quality, user safety, durability and ease of operation to meet the ever-changing night vision demands of our modern military.

Key Officers:

Ron Soto
President / CEO
Tel: 714 662-3113

Michelle Fuga
Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel: 714 662-3113

Member Category: Associate

Photonis Defense, Inc.

1000 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601
Tel: 717-295-2704
Fax: 717-295-6096

Web Site:

Products: Night Vision Systems, Image Intensifier Tubes, Digital CMOS Low-Light Sensors and Cameras, Photon Detectors, Ion Detectors, Single Channel Electron Multipliers, Microchannel plates.

Key Officers:
Jim Brennan
V.P. Night Vision and Digital Vision

Sean Kirk
Executive Director, Night Vision Sales

Larry Stack
President and CEO, Photonis Defense, Inc.

Member Category: General

Psionic logo


1100 Exploration Way
Hampton VA 23666

Web Site:

Products: Psionic provides advanced Doppler lidar for unparalleled accuracy in measuring distances, including the speed and direction of objects. Applicable to Ground, Air, Sea, and Space platforms, Psionic Doppler Lidar leverages NASA’s 10+ year investment in the development of the technology. The company, which has licensed the foundational patents, has made additional improvements in SWaP-c and is commercializing the technology for applications ranging from navigation and ISR to metrology and landing on planetary bodies.

Key Officers:
Ken Morrison
Vice President, Defense‍
+1 833 774 6642 x80

Member Category: Associate

Raytheon Technologies CompanyRaytheon Technologies Company
Raytheon Intelligence and Space
Reconnaissance and Targeting Systems

2501 West University
McKinney TX 75071
Tel: 972.952.5821

Web Sites:

Products: Forward Looking Infrared Systems for infantry and combat vehicle applications. Sensor systems include Abrams and Bradley Commander and Gunner Sights, Stryker Long Range Surveillance Systems, TOW weapon sights, and sensors for mobile integrated air defense systems.

Key Officers:
Roy Azevedo
President, Raytheon Intelligence and Space

Barbara Borgonovi
Vice President of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems

Mike Christopherson
Executive Director, Reconnaissance and Targeting Systems

For questions regarding products, contact:
Director RTS Advanced Development Programs and Business Development, Executive
Clay Towery

Member Category: General

Rochester Precision Optics, LLC (RPO)

850 John Street
West Henrietta, New York 14586
Tel No: (585) 292-5450
Fax: (585) 292-5459

Web Site: http:/

Products: Rochester Precision Optics (RPO), The World’s Most Trusted Name in Night Vision Optics™, is the premier supplier of optical lens elements, optical assemblies, mechanical and electro-optical imaging subsystems for night vision system manufacturers. In addition to supporting night vision product manufacturing solutions, RPO provides advanced optical solutions to commercial markets including: Medical, Analytic Instrumentation, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Public Safety and Sporting Optics, Laser Products.

RPO is a vertically integrated supplier supporting custom optical design and manufacturing solutions from concept through volume production in support of defense and commercial night vision programs.

RPO’s unique capabilities include: Precision Glass Molding (PGM), Advanced Molded Polymer Optics, CNC Optics Manufacturing, Diamond Turning, Thin-Film Coating, Electro-Optical Assembly and Precision Machining. Unparalleled in industry, RPO has superior expertise in image intensified night vision optics for monocular, binocular and panoramic systems, thermal imaging (including crystalline and chalcogenide materials) optics, in addition to having pioneered Low Light CMOS technology for US Military applications.

RPO is the most capable optical solutions partner for the widest variety of night vision products, including optical imaging solutions for Image Intensified, Thermal and Digital (Low Light CMOS) systems for military, law enforcement or commercial applications.

Key Officers:
Mike Davenport
585-292-5450, ext 2002

Matt Pembroke
VP of Business Development & Marketing
cell: 585-943-6699

Joseph D’Ambrosia
Senior Director of Contracts
585-292-5450, ext 2022
cell: 585-448-9055

Member Category: Associate

ROMAC Electronics, Incorporated

ROMAC Electronics, Incorporated

155 East Ames Court
Plainview, New York 11803
Tel: 516-349-7900
Fax: 516-349-7573

Web Site:

Products: Precision machined and stamped metal parts for image intensifier tubes. Various other metal and plastic system parts, sub-assemblies, rifle mounts and aircraft components.

Key Officers:
Jerry Bloomberg

Lee Bloomberg
Vice President

Al DeBello
General Manager

Member Category: Associate

Safran Optics1 logo

Safran Optics1

2 Cooper Lane
Bedford, NH 03110
Tel: 603-296-0469

Web Site:

Products: Safran Optics 1 is a global leader in full-service design and production of electro-optic and navigation systems. Leveraging core competencies in defense technologies, Optics 1 provides unmatched, first-class mission solutions for military and law enforcement personnel. The company also offers solutions for commercial, aerospace, industrial, medical and research industries. Optics 1’s product portfolio includes devices and modules for surveillance and reconnaissance missions for dismounted soldier, airborne, naval and land vehicle operations.

Key Officers:

Joseph Bogosian
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: 603-430-9755

Bob Lachance
Director of Business Development
Tel: 603-296-0469

Member Category: General

SCHOTT North America, Inc.

122 Charlton Street
Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550
Tel: 508-765-9744
Fax: 508-764-1299

Web Site:

Products: SCHOTT supplies high tech materials and components for defense and security applications worldwide, particularly in the areas of vehicle armor, fiber optics, optical glass, hermetic glass-to-metal-seals and glass-ceramics. SCHOTT has been serving the civilian market as a recognized leader in specialized glass solutions for more than 125 years.
For this reason, we are uniquely positioned to provide customers in defense and security industries with the highest quality products that address their special challenges.

Key Officers:
Timothy Eagleson
Director of Global Programs-Defense
Tel: 413-835-1759

Brian Jackson
Defense Business Manager
Tel: 508-765-9744

Member Category: Associate

SRI International, Sarnoff

201 Washington Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Tel: 609-734-2394
Fax: 609-7342586

Web Site:

Products: Low Light Level CCD, EMCCD and CMOS products for industrial, military and space applications. Next generation all solid state night vision equipment employing NV-CMOS™ (night vision CMOS) imager, camera and vision processing.

Key Officers:
Mark Clifton
Vice President, Products & Services
Tel: 609-734-2461

John Tower, PhD
Technical Director, Imaging Systems, Products & Services
Tel: 609-734-2384

Jesse Battaglia
Manager, Low Light CMOS

Tel: 609-734-3235

Member Category: General

Steele Industries Inc.

Steele Industries Inc.

7910 N Tamiami Trail, Unit 104
Sarasota, FL 34243
Tel: 800-674-7302


Products: At Steele Industries we manufacture some of the highest quality night vision devices in house at our Sarasota location. Each night vision device is semi-custom built and tailored to meet the end user's need. We strive to offer the highest level of customer service to all of our end users to include law enforcement, government, and commercial end users. Our products include a full line of binocular night vision goggles, night vision monocular, and associate accessories to equip each end user with the utmost quality in every product.

Key Officers:
Dominick Steele
President & CEO

Duncan Greene
Chief Operating Officer

Member Category: Associate

Steele Industries Inc.

Steele Industries Inc.

7910 N Tamiami Trail, Unit 104
Sarasota, FL 34243
Tel: 800-674-7302


Products: At Steele Industries we manufacture some of the highest quality night vision devices in house at our Sarasota location. Each night vision device is semi-custom built and tailored to meet the end user's need. We strive to offer the highest level of customer service to all of our end users to include law enforcement, government, and commercial end users. Our products include a full line of binocular night vision goggles, night vision monocular, and associate accessories to equip each end user with the utmost quality in every product.

Key Officers:
Dominick Steele
President & CEO

Duncan Greene
Chief Operating Officer

Member Category: Associate

Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC, Inc.) logoTactical Night Vision Company (TNVC, Inc.)

25612 Barton Road
Loma Linda, CA 92354
Tel: 909-796-7000
Fax: 909-353-1960

Web Site:

Products: Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC, Inc.) is an end-user focused company specializing in providing the best night vision, thermal, and visual augmentation systems technology and products to professional end-users and enthusiasts alike. TNVC specializes in systems integration of a diverse array of products with an emphasis on customer-centric training & education. TNVC both produces night vision monoculars and binoculars in-house as well as being a distributor for some of the best products and companies in the industry.


NV & VAS Products: TNVC's core product line is high quality Night Vision, Thermal, and Visual Augmentation Systems technologies and products with an emphasis on professional ground end-users. TNVC produces high performance Night Vision systems in-house, as well as being a distributor products from other industry partners.

Highlighted Products:

  • TNV/PVS-14 Monocular Night Vision Device
  • TNV/RNVG Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle (Binocular)
  • TNV/DTNVS Dual Tube Night Vision System (Binocular)
  • L3Harris BNVD (AN/PVS-31A)
  • L3Harris Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (GPNVG)
  • Optics1 ECOTI (Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager)
  • B. E. Meyers MAWL-DA/X1/C1+
  • L3Harris ATPIAL/NGAL
  • Wilcox Industries RAID-Xe

Custom Mission Solutions, Training & Education, Consulting: TNVC's core is the military and law enforcement veterans on our staff who understand both the technical and operational aspects of our products and allow us to provide customers with "cradle to grave" support, from initial education, custom tailored solutions, and multi-echelon operational training. Due to our staff's experience in the field using night vision and VAS technologies in professional use, we are able to not only provide relevant training based on current TTPs and best practices for operational use, but multi-echelon support and training & maintenance sustainment for organizational users.

TNVC is also able to provide customized mission solutions for end-users through field-experience, innovative design, and industry synergy as well as product and market consulting and media & content generation/marketing support.

Highlighted Products:

  • TNVC PVS-14 PBM (Powered Bridge Mount – patent pending integrated power binocular conversion)
  • TNVC Mohawk Counterweight System
  • TNVC Panel, Cable Management
  • TNVC Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch (TAPS)
  • VTAC/TNVC/Unity Fusion System

Key Officers:
Victor DiCosola
President & CEO

Augee Kim
Vice President

Chris Huber
Director of Sales

Member Category: General

Wilcox Industries Corp. logoWilcox Industries Corp.

One Wilcox Way
Newington, NH 03801
Tel: 603-431-1331
Fax: 603-431-1221

Web Site:

Products: Wilcox Industries Corp. is an innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of tactical equipment, for military, law enforcement and first responders, in a rapid manner. Using a system approach, Wilcox expertise and product lines includes: Night Vision Mounting Systems, Combat Systems and Life Support Systems.

Key POCs:
Jim Teetzel
CEO, Chairman and Founder

Bob Guarasi
Director, Business Development

Member Category: Associate