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Q1/2021                                                                     31 March 2021
Looking Ahead ...
... by John Domalski, President. What is the purpose of an organization’s newsletter? A basic and obvious one is to report “news” that all members should know about. Accordingly, one of the purposes of this newly revived publication (the Association first published a newsletter throughout the early 1980s) will be to do exactly that. In the pages that follow, you will learn about a recently issued press release from one of our member companies, an opinion article published last January by the Modern War Institute at West Point that we should all know about, the eight new member companies that have joined our Association over the past two years and other items of general interest. The intent of this particular article though, will be to keep all members informed of what is being planned for the future. In the words of an old colleague that I have tried my best to put into practice over the past few decades: “Prior Planning Precludes Poor Performance.” Based on that concept, here is what the rest of 2021 looks like for Association activities.
  1. 2021 Annual Meeting. After conducting our first-ever virtual Annual Meeting in 2020 due to the pandemic, we are hoping to return to a live Annual Meeting in 2021. Live meetings have proven to be outstanding networking opportunities in the past. The date is presently set for Thursday, 2 Dec 2021 at the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, VA. Additionally and due to the substantially increased participation that the virtual format enabled, we will make every effort to hold the 2021 event as a combined live/virtual event. The 2020 meeting had 184 total individuals registered to attend—45 from Government and 139 from Association member companies—which is more than double the attendance at any previous Annual Meeting. Needless to say this is a good trend to continue.
If we are successful in holding a combined live and virtual meeting, the agenda for the 2021 meeting will be different from last year’s in that the meeting will take place all in one day. (Apologies to West Coast participants for causing a very early start to your workday on 2 Dec—probably 6:00AM.) The format will be the same with a sequence of Government speakers, but several of the speakers will change. I will try to get operational requirements speakers from both Army Infantry and SOF as well as two speakers from NSWC/Crane—one for R&D and the other for procurement programs. (FYI, as recently as 2019, NSWC/Crane was responsible for fielding more than 20,000 electro-optical devices annually. To put this number into context, COL Copeland reported last December that his organization, PM-Soldier Maneuver & Precision Targeting, fielded 5,000 night vision devices in FY20.) I will also try to get Major Tim Demerath, the Department of the Army Systems Coordinator for Night Vision as a speaker. If there are other speakers you or your company would like to hear from, please let me know.
Of course, if the pandemic situation is not substantially changed by say, Labor Day, the live event will be cancelled, and we will again host a virtual meeting only for 2021.
  1. Congressional Outreach Event. As was announced at the Annual Business Meeting last December, the Association will NOT be hosting a Congressional Outreach Event in 2021 due to the pandemic. (We have hosted these events each year from 2016 through 2019.) It is hoped we can return to hosting such an event in 2022 if both the pandemic eases and a majority of member companies want to do this. I will get an email message to Board of Directors members by October asking this question. If there is majority support, planning can begin shortly thereafter. In order to schedule this event properly and to ensure maximum participation by members of Congress and staffers, I firmly believe the Association needs the support of Congressional liaisons from member companies that employ such personnel. Elbit has already volunteered to assist, and it is hoped that other companies will do so as well.
  1. Outreach Event at NVESD, Fort Belvoir. This event was planned for May 2020, then tentatively rescheduled for September, before being cancelled in July. Most NVESD personnel were working from home at that time and there was no date certain for this to end.  Had this event taken place, it would have been the first such event in Association history. It is possible this event can be rescheduled for Fall or early Winter 2021 if Lab operations get back to normal by then. I am in contact with NVESD on this topic and will share all pertinent details as I learn them.
  1. Outreach Event at NSWC/Crane. Another outreach event is currently in the planning process at NSWC/Crane by Dr. Timothy Morgan, an R&D Engineer employed there. He knows the Association and we know him as he spoke to us at our 2019 Annual Meeting. He advised during the 2020 Annual Meeting that he is targeting Fall 2021 for this event. I am in contact with Dr. Morgan and will provide details as I learn them.
  1. Hall of Fame. Nominations are currently being solicited for the next class of Hall of Fame inductions targeted for the 2022 Annual Meeting. To make this happen, a 6-person evaluation committee has been formed and one nomination (Mr. Michael J. Iosue, former GM of L3Harris Electron Tube Operations) has been received. Additional nominations are strongly encouraged and should be submitted to me at by 30 June 2021. (This date can be extended if needed.) Nominations approved by the committee will be presented to the full membership for final approval at the 2021 Annual Meeting.
Jon Tishman and Dan Schoen | 01.22.21
Authored by two active duty Army Captains, this white paper provides perspective on the challenges our night-time forces face while employing active emitters in the field.  Somewhat surprising, their conclusion is: "We don't own the night anymore!".  John Tishman and Dan Schoen also delve into training and doctrine, while challenging the Army to rethink night operations.

Read on ...
A special thanks to Jim Delancey of Hoffman Engineering for bringing this to our attention. 
Member News
Photonis, a world leader in state-of-the-art night vision Image Intensifier Tubes for military and commercial applications, has released its Photonis Defense Professional (PD-PRO) series of night vision goggles built around their 16mm and hybrid 18mm image intensifier tubes. Using these innovative technologies, Photonis Defense provides the smallest and lightest night vision systems in the world from our facility in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and exclusively for the American market.
Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) announced today that Joe Estrera, PhD., will be the new president of ASU and Hannah Gordon will be promoted as the new chief operating officer ...
Download the Press Release
FLIR Recon V Ultra Lite
Light and easy to use, the FLIR Recon V Ultra Lite minimizes operator fatigue and can survive the most demanding field missions. Fully operational at less than three pounds, the breakthrough Recon V Ultra Lite provides long-range target detection, recognition, recording and geo-location with an HD color camera and dual FOV thermal channels. The latest 12-micron thermal imaging sensor with industry-leading processing and an HD color display provides outstanding image quality for positive target identification day or night. Combined with a highly accurate laser range finder, GPS, digital magnetic compass and intuitive user interface, targets can be quickly located 24/7.

With day and night capabilities, a quick-shot LRF instantly generates target geo-location data to accompany imagery that can be shared with ground forces through Bluetooth, WiFi or hardwired USB connections to peripheral devices. Essential to expeditionary forces, Recon V Ultra Lite provides mission-critical situational awareness and helps operators and their extended team accomplish their mission.  Learn more about Recon V Ultra Lite by clicking here.

LightPath Technologies Introduces the 75mm F/1.0 LWIR Thermal Lens Assembly

"This development enhances LightPath's ability to provider longer range optics to potential OEM partners for great DRI capability on the newest microbolometers," said Devin Standard, Business Development Spearhead, and an IR Technology Specialist at LightPath. "I am delighted to announce that the 75mm thermal assembly is ready for volume production."   Click below for additional information.
A very hearty welcome to our newest members!
If you haven't noticed, ANVM is growing -- having added eight new member companies during the last 18 months (or so).
To learn more about our new arrivals, please visit their websites by clicking on the following links:  
HQ:  Eagleville, PA
Envision Technology - Night Vision, Range Finder (                    
HQ:  Manchester, NH
HQ:  Frankfort, KY
HQ:  Orlando, FL
Psionic - Psionic LLC
HQ:  Hampton, VA
Association News
Sadly, Mike Guinn (of ASU) passed suddenly from COVID complications on the 27th of December, 2020.  Mike was a fixture within the aviation night vision community.  Mike began his career as a member of the US Army Europe AH-64A Apache fielding team.  Following his military career, Mr. Guinn worked for several NVIS lighting companies in the DFW area -- and is directly responsible for advancing night flight with NVGs for air ambulance, law enforcement and night firefighting customers around the world.  His 'larger than life' presence and infectious laugh will be sorely missed.  For more information on ways to remember Mike, please visit the following:  MICHAEL RAY GUINN « Wiley Funeral Home 
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Looking Back ...
… With the publication of this 1Q2021 newsletter, ANVM is resuming a service it provided from August 1980 through at least March 1985. Back then, the newsletter was distributed on paper and via the U.S. Postal Service. A lot has changed since then.

One thing, though, has not changed. Since 1980 when 14 different companies came together to form the Association of U.S. Night Vision Manufacturers, only one is still operating today under the same name and at the same location as it was then. Every other company is either out of business, no longer active in the night vision industry or is operating under a different name—in a few cases, the third or fourth different name. The unchanging company is ROMAC Electronics, Plainview, New York.

ROMAC is a third-generation, family-owned business that was founded in the 1950s in Long Island City, New York. It moved to its current 42,000 square foot facility in Plainview in 1978. For more than 50 years ROMAC’s specialty has been close tolerance machining and stamping of controlled expansion alloy parts, particularly Kovar, that are suitable for glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal bonding. Such parts are needed to assemble the central body of every image intensifier tube made. ROMAC is currently supplying these parts to both U.S. tube manufacturers--L3Harris and Elbit Systems of America. More information about this stable and essential company can be found at         -- John Domalski 
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