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Q4/2021                                                                     23 December 2021
Looking Ahead ...
... by John Domalski, President. Now with our 2021 Annual Meeting in the rear-view mirror, one can only hope that it will be the last virtual meeting we need to hold for many years to come. I also hope that the information content shared by 13 different speakers, to include a first-in-a-long-time perspective from a U.S. Senate aide, was worthwhile. But, even strong information content cannot make up for the total lack of person-to-person human interaction that has long been a hallmark of our Annual Meetings.

My plan, therefore, for 2022 is to make up for what we have gone without for the past two years. By that, I mean making a concerted effort to return to getting together face-to-face, sharing experiences, conducting personal side meetings and in general focusing on the personal aspects of business dealings that can make them enjoyable.

As I write this, though, the outlook for the immediate future does not look promising. Just reading from the New York Times headlines that I receive every morning makes the future look even downright depressing. The following were seen on Saturday, 18 December 2021: "As COVID Surges, Experts Say U.S. Booster Effort is Far Behind," "Americans on Edge as Cases Rise…" "Virus Outbreaks Rattle NFL." (Of course, it's distress, suffering and conflict that sell newspapers so we should not expect to see headlines such as "COVID Diminishing, Life Returning to Normal" or "All Regions of Country Becoming Safe From COVID.") So, let's just trust that this exceedingly worrisome situation is not going to last forever.

In anticipation of that, I am looking at the Bi-Annual Joint Service Night Vision Integrated Process Team Meeting scheduled for 28-30 June 2022 at NSWC/Crane as a real opportunity for us all to reconnect. With six months between then and now, I think this is a reasonable possibility. Please note, this meeting is not an official ANVM event, but the Association was used as a way to promote it to industry. (With the ability to reach 31 member companies with one click of the "send" button, this makes perfect sense.) I hope a large number of member companies are planning on attending.

In addition to the events the Government will be hosting, I also plan for the Association to host a get-together/social event probably on the middle evening of the event. I got this idea from a statement made by Harry Buchanan, Edmund Optics, at the recent Annual Meeting. He mentioned holding a social event at either or all of: the SHOT Show, the SOFIC Conference and AUSA/Washington. SHOT Show is too soon; AUSA is too far out, but the Crane event looks just right timing-wise. The event I am envisioning will not be too big…just finger foods, beer, wine and soft drinks at a hotel located close to where the event will be held. I look forward to seeing many of you there. Also during 2022, there is a real possibility for an ANVM-specific outreach event at C5ISR RTI (formerly NVESD). This was mentioned to Dr. Reago, Director, at the close of our Annual Meeting. No details yet, but I will forward them to everyone as soon as they are received.

Also, we already have the Marriott Crystal Gateway Hotel in Arlington, VA reserved for our 2022 Annual Meeting. The date is Thursday, 1 December 2022. I am hoping we can hold a live meeting because we will all want to personally honor Mike Iosue and Mike Atwood who have both been approved for induction into the Night Vision Hall of Fame. Inductions typically take place at the sit-down luncheons that are traditionally part of normal, live Annual Meetings.

In addition to hosting the 2022 Annual Meeting live, every effort will also be made to transmit the meeting virtually (in other words, a hybrid meeting) in order to maximize attendance. David Dorn, Microsoft, who has handled all of the technical aspects for the past two virtual Annual Meetings and to whom we owe a great debt of thanks, has already volunteered again to help with making the 2022 meeting a success. If anyone else would like to help, please let me know.

Of course, the quarterly newsletter introduced in 2021 will also continue to be published throughout 2022. If you would like to make an input to the newsletter on behalf of your company, please contact Jim Winkel. New product announcements, contract awards, personnel/management changes and press releases are all worthwhile content for the newsletter.

Finally, the Association has written white papers in the past on topics that had wide and common interest among members. These have included the petition to the Base Re-Alignment and Closure Commission in 2005 on behalf of keeping NVESD at Fort Belvoir, an appeal to DTSA in 2012 regarding the exportability of 17-micron Focal Plane Arrays and a paper arguing for increased night vision R&D funding in 2015. For 2022, something about reaching agreement on "how things are measured…ANVM Standards" was mentioned at the Annual Meeting. If someone could contact me and provide details on this topic, I would appreciate it. If creation of such standards would be beneficial to members, let's investigate them as they could be the subject for our next white paper.
Useful Budget Links
FY 2022 Links

The links below are for FY 2022 Army and Air Force Procurement/RDT&E initiatives involving night vision and lasers. Please let the editor know if you would like to see additional links.

Army Procurement
  • Night Vision Devices including program information for ENVG-B, LTLM, MNVD and IVAS. Read on...
  • Program information for STORM MFL. Read on...
  • Family of Weapon Sights including FWS-Individual, FWS-Crew Served and FWS-Sniper. Read on...
  • Forward Looking Infrared (IFLIR). Read on...
  • Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS). Read on...
  • Although no funding scheduled in FY 22, program element information for LLDR. Read on...
Army RDT&E
  • Night Vision Systems Advanced Development, including information for Visual Augmentation System, Soldier Manuever Sensors and Soldier Precision Targeting Devices. The only mention of Night Vision Goggles-Next within releasable Army budget documents is found here. Read on...
USAF Procurement
  • Personal Safety & Rescue Equipment, includes funding for NVGs, BNVD and BNVD Test kits. Read on...
  • Tactical C-E Equipment for Visual Augmentation Systems, including Target Markers, Designators, Illuminators and Laser Range Finders. Read on...
  • Life Support Systems including NVD's and Laser Eye Protection. Read on...

Member News
Elbit Systems of America Awarded $54 Million Order as Part of the U.S. Army's Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) Program

FORT WORTH, TEXAS September 23, 2021 – Elbit Systems of America has been awarded a second production order worth approximately $54 million to supply Enhanced Night Vision Goggle – Binocular (ENVG-B) systems, spare parts, logistics support, and test equipment for the U.S. Army. “Elbit America’s ENVG-Bs provide warfighters with unprecedented situational awareness during limited visibility conditions, increased lethality through faster target acquisition, and other game-changing advantages on the battlefield” said Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO of Elbit Systems of America.

These systems will be produced in Roanoke, Virginia, and will be supplied through February 2023. “We are eager to support the U.S. Army’s transition to higher ENVG-B production rates, which will create additional jobs at our Roanoke facility, and throughout our extended US based supply chain, generating a positive economic impact in the communities they reside,” Mr. Horowitz added.

This order is part of an Other Transaction Authority (“OTA”) contract announced by Elbit America on October 22, 2020, that could reach a maximum of approximately $442 million. The U.S. Army did not define an overall time frame for performance of the OTA contract.

Hail and Farewell!

ANVM is pleased to welcome SiOnyx and Excelitas to our family. 'Bon voyage' and best wishes to former member companies N2 Imaging and Psionics. Our member count remains at 31 companies.

To learn more about our new arrivals, please read below and visit their websites.

SiOnyx -- headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts

SIONYX is a silicon-based photonics company that develops and manufactures proprietary ultra-low-light CMOS image sensors and high-performance night vision camera systems. These sensors dramatically enhance the performance of light sensing devices commonly used in commercial, industrial, medical, and defense related applications.

The company is proud to be working with the United States Department of Defense (DoD). SIONYX has supported the U.S. Government (Defense and Intelligence) with advanced imaging and camera technology and recently was awarded a ~$20M contract by the U.S. Army for the delivery of digital night vision cameras for the highly publicized IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) program.

Excelitas Technologies Corp -- headquartered in Boulder, Colorado

Excelitas Technologies is a technology leader in delivering high-performance, market-driven photonic innovations to meet the lighting, optronic, detection and optical technology needs of customers worldwide. Serving a vast array of applications across automotive, consumer products, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, safety and security, and sciences sectors, Excelitas Technologies stands committed to promoting our customers' success.

With our extensive integration expertise and diverse photonics technology portfolio, we enable a broad range of innovations and applications including clinical diagnostics, autonomous vehicles, surgical visualization, X-ray security screening, smart home systems, additive manufacturing, IOT products, scientific discovery, semiconductor equipment, medical device assembly, defense and aerospace applications.

Association News

Important Dates:
  • 18-21 January 2022: SHOT Show, Las Vegas
  • 28-30 June 2022: Night Vision IPT, NSWC-Crane
  • TBD: C5ISR RTI ANVM Outreach, Ft. Belvoir
  • 1 December 2022: ANVM Annual Meeting, Crystal City, VA
Looking Back ...
... It looks like 2021 might represent the high-water mark in terms of membership for the Association in its entire 41-year history. We have 31 individual member companies, and the outlook for 2022 looks at this point to be a continuation of this high number. We are losing two members—N2 Imaging and Psionic Defense—but the possibility for adding new members looks to be pretty good as five companies genuinely hustled to get payments submitted in time to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting. These include: Sionyx, LLC; Matbock Operations, LLC; Maztech Industries; Gigajot Technology, Inc. and Solution Now Enterprises. If they all join, we could have an even higher number of members.

But it has not always been this way. The Association was started in 1980 with 14 members. The following six were General Members: American Optical Company, Galileo Electro-Optics Corporation, ITT Electro-Optical Products Division (now part of Elbit Systems of America), Litton Industries (now part of L3Harris), Ni-Tec, Inc. and Varo, Inc. (now also part of L3Harris). The following eight were Associate Members: Applied Devices Corp., Applied Systems Corp., Baird Corp., Bell & Howell, K&M Electronics, Numax Electronics, ROMAC Electronics and Varian LSE Division (now Intevac Photonics). All of these companies were involved in image intensifier technology as either manufacturers of tubes, tube components or optical assemblies.

Membership started to decrease almost immediately. By the next year, 1981, there were 12 members. 1982's budget was based on 11 members, and by 1984 there were only nine members.

Things started to turn around in 1985 with INCOM joining. In 1986, Optic Electronic Corp. was approached regarding membership and an objective of the Association that year was to get new members to join and former members to rejoin. Litton had dropped out in the mid-1980's, but by 1987, it was back as a member. By 1988, there were 10 total members; two of which were Schott and OEC.

Membership went south again and by 1994, there were only six total members. Noteworthy, during that year, Insight Technology, Inc. was said to be interested in joining. By 1996, membership was down to five: ITT Night Vision, Litton Electro-Optical Systems, K&M, Schott and INCOM. This was the all-time low mark for membership. K&M was acquired by ITT in the mid-2000s, but the other four are still active members today.

Membership rebounded somewhat over the next 10 years and by 2006 there were 10 member companies. Of note during this period: Insight became a member by 1997; Night Vision Equipment Company (the forerunner of current member Night Vision Devices) joined by 1999; CMC Electronics (also known as Cincinnati Electronics) joined in 2001 and became the first member to represent imaging infrared technology; Nightline joined by 2004; and Raytheon joined in 2006. Also during this time period, Litton was acquired by Northrop Grumman.

By this point in this chronology, one might begin to wonder how the Association ever grew to 31 members by 2021 if it was still minus four companies from the time of its founding 26 years earlier. The answer is partially related to image fusion night vision goggle technology—notably the ENVG series of goggles. By 2008, there were 17 members including DRS Technologies (now Leonardo DRS) and BAE Systems—both imaging infrared technology companies. Also joining were NIVISYS Industries, Photonis USA, Aphotik LLC, Aurora Tactical and Princeton Lightwave.

By 2009, membership increased to 20. By 2012, it increased to 22 and by 2015, there were 26 total members. Among all of these new members, some dropped out within one to three years, but several remain active today. They include Hoffman Engineering which joined in 2009, Intevac Photonics in 2010, SAFRAN/Optics1 in 2013, Aviation Specialties Unlimited in 2013, Rochester Precision Optics in 2014, SRI International-Sarnoff also in 2014 and Norotos in 2015.

Growth to 31 members continued as follows:

In 2018, Elbit Systems of America and Wilcox Industries joined.

2020 was a big year for membership increase. In that year, Clear Align, Envision Technology, FLIR Systems (now TeledyneFLIR), Licentia Arms, LightPath, Microsoft and Steele Industries all joined.

2021 saw ACTinBlack US, Edmund Optics and Tactical Night Vision Company join.

This chronology represents the "Cliff Notes" version of Association membership. There probably is a near-infinity of additional details that can be added, but with the newsletter deadline looming, holiday tasks continuing and the diverse needs of grandchildren pressing, hopefully it will serve to let everyone know at least in general where we came from. Where we are going remains to be determined. Happy Holidays Everyone   -- John Domalski
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